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Absorption is the Key!

by Carol Maser December 30, 2016

Absorption is the Key!

In every blog we have mentioned absorption. It’s of key importance when taking supplements. Let’s break it down so you understand why we are such fanatics about absorption.

It is never my intent to beat down other product formats but, when discussing absorption, every format that the body has to break down into a liquid (tablets, capsules, chewables of any sort) is under scrutiny. This blog is not meant to discredit your current practice. It is meant to share information so that you can make well-informed choices.

As an example, when looking for a moisturizing skin care product that is topically applied, absorption is the first step in determining if the product has merit. Why should what you ingest for brain health (or any supplement, for that matter) be any different? The best nootropic could be considered like a moisturizing lotion for the brain.

For a nootropic to have merit, it should be in a format that allows every ingredient to be transported within the body to where that ingredient will be most effective. Do tablets, capsules or chewables always do that? My answer is NO!

I’m not saying that tables, capsules and chewables are not made correctly. Every ethical company that produces those formats performs testing to show that their products will dissolve in solution as intended. However, what they cannot do is test if those formats dissolve effectively in YOU!

Let’s face it; we are all at different levels of health. Our gut flora is dependent on our diet, and exercise certainly plays a role in our overall health. So, how soon and where the tablets, capsules and chewables disintegrate in YOU are unknowns. I would never say you are going to poop pills. However, where in your digestive tract the different ingredients are finally made available will determine a supplement’s absorption rate and availability.

Doesn’t it make sense, since absorption starts in the mouth, that you give your body the best opportunity to grab every ingredient you spend your hard-earned money on? Give yourself the advantage and look for products made for the way your body works – especially when it comes to the best nootropic for essential brain health. Your short- and long-term health is counting on it!

To Your Best Health NOW!

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Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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