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Best Nootropic Blog Recap

by Carol Maser December 16, 2016

Best Nootropic Blog Recap

TO RECAP SO FAR. . . In our first blog, we wrote a condensed version of what to look for when choosing a best nootropic supplement.

To briefly recap the previous blogs, we have shown how absorption is the Number One essential. If the ingredients from your best nootropic (or any supplement) don’t get absorbed, they cannot deliver any benefit.

We have also shared about supplemental “formats” – liquids, tablets, capsules, etc. The format of a supplement makes a significant difference in how quickly and efficiently your body will be able to absorb the ingredients. Science has proven that ingredients in a liquid will always be more available than a tablet or capsule. There are supplement formats where essential vitamins and nutrients are kept separate from a fortified and highly absorbable liquid so ingredient potency and effectiveness are assured.

In our last blog, we started the discussion about what a nootropic supplement does and the benefits. Because a nootropic gives cognitive benefits, we asked the question – if you are currently taking supplements in a format where the ingredients are easily absorbed and effectiveness is assured, especially a supplement that you consider a best nootropic , do you have to “feel an effect” to think it is doing any good?

We raised the question because some supplements declare they give a cognitive benefit and they are in the energy category. We assert that there is a difference between a nootropic and an energy supplement. The best nootropic supplements use ingredients that have been proven through science for cognitive benefit and if formulated with your well-being in mind, they are made to promote short- and long-term brain health. Energy supplements are formulated with stimulants to give an effect called “energy”, however it is through a boost of caffeine with no short- or long-term health benefit.

Actually, due to either the amount of caffeine or the amount of sugar, products in the energy category are more on the unhealthy side.

We certainly are not declaring that all products that claim to be nootropic are formulated with your well-being in mind. As always, it is clear when looking for the best nootropic, you should understand the ingredients being used and whether they are being used in the amounts that have been proven to be effective in clinical studies or time tested over centuries of use. If the supplement is in a tablet or capsule format there is a size constraint limiting the amount of each ingredient that can be included. If there is a long list of ingredients, some of them will have been added in an insignificant amount and are nothing more than label dressing.

If the ingredient amount used does not make a difference to health, then its inclusion should be questioned.

One final point for consideration. . . There are currently a significant number of products available in a 2-ounce bottle. Because of how it was popularized, many would instantly make the assumption that any 2-ounce bottle contains an energy shot.

There is at least one bottle format that is innovative, completely unique, and is redefining the drink-shot category. It is a 2-ounce bottle that keeps pure, unprocessed powdered vitamins and essential nutrients separate from a fortified liquid until the point of use.

Because of this bottle and the dry powder storage capability inside, every important aspect of ensuring your nootropic or any other supplemental ingredients will work as intended are met. More on this to come. . .

Become an educated supplement consumer and ensure your nootropic is truly considered the best nootropic for the right reason.

To Your Best Health NOW!

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Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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