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Could Your Parenting Struggles Be Signs of ADHD?

by Carol Maser June 23, 2017

Could Your Parenting Struggles Be Signs of ADHD?

As a parent, you are constantly changing roles in your own home:  chauffeur, chef, operations manager, activity planner, teacher, police officer. It’s easy to occasionally misplace a permission slip, forget a soccer practice, or lose your phone. However, if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, there is a strong genetic component that should not be overlooked if you are also having difficulty concentrating and remembering. Could you have ADHD as well as your child, or is it just everyday stress-related memory trouble? Here are some common symptoms of ADHD in adults:

  1. Chronic Disorganization. Some people are just, well… messier than others. A junk drawer in the kitchen or a closet full of odds and ends are pretty standard in most houses. If you’ve got a houseful of kids, clutter in some form is usually a way of life. However, if it’s affecting your ability to completed tasks and it impedes your ability to function, it might be a symptom of ADHD.
  2. Difficulty Concentrating. If every time your phone vibrates or your email alert pings you lose focus of the task you were completing, and then it takes you 10-20 minutes to regain focus, it might mean you have ADHD. Noisy workplaces are especially difficult, along with constant interruptions from co-workers.
  3. Forgetfulness. Almost every parent will accidentally miss one of their children’s scheduled meetings or practices at some point. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of parents forgetting one of their children at an event, only to realize they were missing on the drive home. As a parent, you have lots of things going on. However, if you have difficulty managing day-to-day schedules, or find yourself forgetting routine activities, you might want to talk to your doctor about ADHD.
  4. Traffic Accidents or Tickets. Adults with ADHD have more trouble with distractions while driving, which can lead to a troublesome driving record. Parents with ADHD are more likely to engage in dangerous driving behavior, like texting and driving.
  5. Extreme Procrastination. It’s normal to put off activities or tasks that don’t excite you. However, if putting off tasks is putting your family or your job in jeopardy, it’s time to seek medical attention as it could be a sign of ADHD.
  6. Difficulty Enjoying Down Time. Parents with ADHD often have trouble enjoying quiet time with their kids. Children’s activities that seem boring and repetitive might make parents with ADHD feel anxious.
  7. Hyperfocus. When you think of ADHD, intense focus on an activity is not usually what comes to mind. However, when a person with ADHD finds an activity they like, they can become caught up in the activity and not notice how much time has passed or that they are supposed to be completing other tasks. If you find yourself scrolling Facebook for hours instead of making dinner, or you binge-watch Netflix and fail to pick your kids up from an activity, it might be a sign that you have ADHD.
  8. Marital Troubles. Parenting can be tough on any marriage, but it is particularly difficult when one or both spouses have ADHD. People with ADHDhave short attention spans and difficulty completing tasks, which can be interpreted by their partner as them not caring about the relationship. One spouse might feel that they need to nag the person with ADHD to get things done around the house. The person with ADHD can feel scolded, leading to a downward communication spiral.

Many of these symptoms are present in parents who do not have ADHD, but the true indicator lies in whether these symptoms are affecting your ability to carry out everyday activities and tasks. Are you having difficulty managing your job? Are you anxious every time your child wants you to sit and read a story, or when you help with homework? If you can identify with at least 3 of the above symptoms, it might be a good idea to talk with a specialist about the possibility of ADHD playing a role in your life.

If you have many of the above symptoms and would like to try a non-medical intervention, PowerUp PowerDown has been shown to be effective in adults with ADHD. Jeff Lee is one of those adults who has found new life and hope by taking PowerDown every day.


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Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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