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5 Effective Strategies for Managing ADHD from Brain Function Expert and Biomedical Engineer Ralph Maser

by Carol Maser May 17, 2017

5 Effective Strategies for Managing ADHD from Brain Function Expert and Biomedical Engineer Ralph Maser

PowerUp | PowerDown’s 5 Tips for Living with ADHD

  1. Seek professional help. Get help early and often. Attention Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder, or ADHD, can affect your quality of life in both personal and professional matters. If you’re having difficulty staying focused, if you are struggling to stay organized, or your sleep patterns are erratic or have changed abruptly, seek professional help. Find a physician or therapist who specializes in ADHD, as some primary care doctors might not be able to recognize the signs of ADHD. The sooner the diagnosis, the more you can understand and properly treat your symptoms.
  1. Maintain a routine. Research has shown that people suffering from ADHD benefit from consistency. Wake up at the same time each day. Keep important objects like keys, your phone, and your glasses in the same spot so you will know where to find them. Keep a calendar of events on your phone and schedule regular necessary activities such as paying bills, picking up dry cleaning, taking the dog to the groomer, etc. If your symptoms are interfering with your professional or educational activities, be sure to inform your workplace or school of your condition, so that they might make allowances for you.
  1. Surround yourself with support.Don’t keep your diagnosis in the dark. Whether it is sharing your struggles with family, close friends, or finding a support group, ADHD is not something to be managed alone. If you don’t know of anyone struggling with ADHD personally, you can reach out through social media to find people that can offer guidance from an “I’ve been there too” perspective. 
  1. Plan ahead for a good night's sleep. People with ADHD often have disruptive sleep patterns, and find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Evaluate your sleep health. Make sure your bedroom is free of distractions, including invasive lights and sounds. Turn off all electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Keep a strict nighttime routine and a set bedtime.  Allow your body to naturally slow down from the rigors of the day to prepare for rest.
  1. Find what works for you—and stick with it. Each person with ADHD is different, and each treatment plan will be different. For some, it is avoiding caffeine and taking certain medications, for others it might involve behavioral strategies, supplements and meditation. Don’t discount something just because you haven’t tried it in the past—your “silver bullet” for knocking out ADHD might be overlooked!

Biomedical Engineer and brain-function expert Ralph Maser says that certain ingredients can provide an alternative to traditional therapies when alleviating the symptoms of ADHD.  Their company PowerUp | PowerDown was formed to create healthy, brain function improving alternatives to many of the unsafe energy regulation products on the market, and it has been found to be particularly effective for those suffering from ADHD.

Who doesn’t want to maintain focus and improve brain health at the same time?

“The idea that we can decrease the symptoms of ADHD and improve overall brain function at the same time, that’s what we believe in with PowerUp | PowerDown” said co-creator Carol Maser. The supplements are available through their online store

The supplements are not just for people who suffer from ADHD. " PowerUp | PowerDown is safe and effective for anyone who would like more energy in their day, better sleep at night and improved brain function over time,” says U.S. Marine Corps and Army veteran Ralph Maser. “We are the only product on the market with the ability to immediately improve focus while improving brain function over time.”

Jeff Lee had given up hope finding a solution for his ADHD symptoms, until he tried PowerDown.

The symptoms of ADHD had greatly diminished sufferer Jeff Lee’s professional and personal life, including his marriage. He noticed results quickly after starting a regimen of PowerDown. “Power Down gives me what I need without the side effects of numbing me or paralyzing me,” says Jeff.  “When I wake up in the morning, I no longer worry about how I’m going to get through the day.”

“Ultimately I think it comes down to PowerDown is a product for the brain, it’s brain food,” Jeff states. “You can put fuel into your body by giving it fruits and grains and those will help us physically, but it’s very rare that you find a product out there that is actually brain food.”

There are two components to the PowerUp | PowerDown system. The first, PowerUp, is a blend of nootropic ingredients that support focus and expedite neural transmission within the brain. The second, PowerDown, increases an overall sense of calm and decrease in stress. Combined, these products support a healthy daily balance of mental focus and rest. There are a variety of purchasing options and prices, and they are sold only through the website.

Judging from their initial mission to create a product that improved focus and cognition and was safe enough for their college student daughter, Carol and Ralph Maser are using their years of biomedical engineering expertise to change the world, one ingredient at a time. The husband and wife team met in the armed forces, and it’s easy to see that they still prefer to deal with challenges by attacking them head-on and discovering workable solutions. “ Why imitate when you can innovate” is their motto when it comes to the other products on the market.

“The biggest mistake that people with ADHD make is thinking they only need the ‘focus’ component of the daily cycle,”Carol said. “This might seem like a way to improve concentration during the day, but really, it’s just putting your entire cognitive cycle on high alert, and your body stays in anxious mode all the time, leading to an inability to allow your body to relax and get the rest it needs to refresh and repair itself. The more irregular your focus and sleep patterns, the more important it is to establish routines and circadian rhythms.  Don’t fight what makes you different, work with it to establish your own normal!”

Ralph and Carol created PowerUp | PowerDown for a very personal reason:  their daughter needed something that would help her stay focused when studying. “Doctors were becoming very vocal and telling people to stop drinking energy drinks due to the over-stimulation they give and other negative health concerns. Our daughter, Shannon, was a freshman and staying up late to study by drinking lots of coffee and assorted energy drinks. After that conversation with my daughter I declared that I would come up with a healthy alternative to caffeine and energy shots!”

He continues, “I wanted to create a product that would enhance mental focus as well as provide the benefits of sustained clarity, and memory PLUS aid short- and long-term brain health. Being a Biomedical Engineer that had worked for pharmaceutical companies globally and experienced first-hand what it takes to develop products, I knew I could do the ingredient research and small batch testing for a best-in-class nootropic product.”

In 2014, PowerUp | PowerDown was created. “ I’d been creating products for other companies for decades, and I was able to create a product that would improve the life and health of those I care the most about,” he says. The finished product is a business specifically designed to regulate cognitive function safely and effectively while improving overall brain health.

“When someone comes to you in tears and says, ‘thank you for giving me something that improves my life,’ that’s success to me.”

Try PowerUp | PowerDown risk-free, and give your brain the food it needs to have your most productive days yet!



Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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