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Focus and Concentration Boosters for College Students

by Holly Godfrey March 30, 2017

Focus and Concentration Boosters for College Students

As Spring Breaks around the country come to a close, college students are gearing up for one big push of assignments and tests before the end of the semester.  Concentration and focus are at the top of most students’ concerns when it comes to studying. All-nighters, group projects involving synchronizing schedules, increased stress—these can all take a toll on quality brain power. As you gear up for your push towards finals, here are some healthy tips for breaking the concentration barrier.

  • Come up with a game plan. “Fail to plan, plan to fail” is certainly true when it comes to studying. Grab your syllabus for each class and mark important dates between now and the end of the semester on your calendar. Then, mark out how many days you will need to study for each test, and put those study times on your calendar as well. Maybe you won’t be able to get as specific as “on Monday from 9:30pm-10:30 pm I will study Chemistry,” but if you have a general idea of the time you’ll need to be studying you can better plan extracurricular activities and work schedules without coming up short on study hours.
  • Deal with stress. Stress can play a major role in decreased concentration. Identify the cause of your stress: is it an assignment, a teacher, a roommate? Instead of letting possible issues brew under the surface, communicate with people who might be a source of stress to see if there is a solution for the issue. If it’s an assignment, take control of stress by mapping out a game plan (above) or lowering your expectations for the grade.
  • Increase alertness. While energy shots and drinks can give you the ability to stay awake through an extended study session, they often come with nasty side-effects and subsequent fatigue. Try a nootropic product, like PowerUp, to not only increase focus and alertness but improve your overall brain health—without the crash and burn effect.
  • Get some sleep. While the occasional all-nighter might produce a short-term victory on an assignment or exam, the long-term hazards of interrupted sleep cycles and sleep deprivation can tank your long-term focus goals. Can’t get your brain to shut down when it’s time to relax? The ingredients in our PowerDown formula were specifically chosen to trigger feelings of decreased stress and overall calmness.  While PowerDown won’t put you to sleep, it will help improve your quality of sleep so that you can catch the Z’s you need to focus the next day.
  • Practice time management. Set aside time each day for studying, and stick to it. Treat your studying the same as you would an athletic practice or a job—you show up on time, every time, and you stay on task until the “shift” is over. Be mindful of what your short and long term goals are for each study session, and keep a study journal to make sure that these goals are reached.

Are you ready to put some power behind your studies this semester?   Grab a PowerPack and get on the road to semester success!  PowerUp | PowerDowncreators specifically began working on this formula to help their college daughter stay focused during her studies without resorting to the usual high-caffeine energy shots and drinks.    The success students are reporting by using PowerUp and PowerDown is incredible!

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Holly Godfrey
Holly Godfrey

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