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Non-prescription Alternatives for Adults with ADHD

by Carol Maser May 26, 2017

Non-prescription Alternatives for Adults with ADHD

There are estimated to be 8 million adults with ADHD in the United States--4 percent of the overall population. Less than 20 percent of those with ADHD symptoms have been diagnosed with ADHD, and only about one-quarter of those diagnosed seek treatment. Do you  have symptoms of ADHD? While it is important to talk to a medical professional to obtain a proper diagnosis, there are a variety of options available if you would like to reduce the severity of your ADHD symptoms.

Medication is often prescribed for individuals diagnosed with ADHD. These drugs can relieve symptoms by enhancing and balancing neurotransmitters—the chemicals that carry signals between neurons in your brain.  These medications usually come in one of two forms: stimulants and non-stimulants. While these drugs are prescribed to improve concentration, they also have serious potential side effects such as sleep disruptions, mood swings, loss of appetite, and heart problems.

Due to the seriousness of these side effects, many adults with ADHD seek alternative options to medication. The most promising options are explained in detail below.

  • Practice mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a state of sustained attention to the present moment. This requires disconnecting from all distractions: computers, to-do-lists, phones, and work to focus on using the 5 senses to experience the current moment. Significant research shows that mindfulness practice can improve distractibility, attention, and wellbeing. Activities include t’ai chi, breathing exercises, or visualizations—or they can be intentional focus when going on a walk or going through routine tasks, like brushing your teeth. The benefits of mindfulness can be seen in only 5 to 10 minutes of practice per day.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. People with ADHD have an increased risk for sleep problems. Erratic bedtimes and waketimes, sleep apnea, and “night owl syndrome” can have a negative impact on the hours of sleep you get per night. Implementing a sleep routine, disconnecting from electronics and providing the right physical environment for sleep can all play a role in obtaining better Zzzzzz’s each night.
  • Improve your diet. While the role of nutrition in ADHD is still controversial, many people with the disorder have seen a reduction in their symptoms by limiting their carbohydrates and sugars while making sure to get enough water each day. Many people with ADHD often find themselves skipping meals, grabbing unhealthy snacks and eating at different times each day due to poor planning. Carrying bottled water and healthy snacks like nuts and natural cheese sticks can provide a better alternative. Reducing caffeine intake has also proven to help with symptoms, as too much caffeine has been linked to increased anxiety, distractibility, and insomnia.
  • Improve brain function. Research has shown that one of the best ways to combat symptoms of ADHD is to improve overall brain function. Short-term ways to do this include increased social activity, sunlight, exercise and decreased sugar intake can have a positive effect on the overall effectiveness of brain function. PowerUp | PowerDown was specifically created to increase the responsiveness of neurotransmitters in the brain while improving brain function over time.

 At PowerUp | PowerDown, we know from years of our own independent research that brain function can be compromised daily from lack of sleep, not eating well, or being mentally and physically exhausted. These risk factors greatly increase in adults  with ADHD. We believe that supplementation is not only important, it is essential to restore and improve neural transmission and improve cognitive function. We continue to hear from adults that suffer from ADHD who have had success in overcoming their symptoms by taking our products. Hear Jeff Lee’s powerful story HERE.

 Are you ready to try something different to help with your ADHD symptoms? Order our 10-day sample pack today, risk free!

Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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