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Noopept: The Secret Power Boost for Gamers

by Holly Godfrey February 01, 2017

Noopept:  The Secret Power Boost for Gamers

Most competitive games require great brainpower, and this is especially true for eSports gamers.  Improved attention span, information processing, heightened reflexes, better memory—all of these qualities can give a gamer an edge over his opponents.  As eSports grow in difficulty and complexity, the need to increase brainpower and focus and to decrease fatigue  are as important as obtaining new skills.  We've got you covered with Noopept, one of the key ingredients in our PowerUpsupplement.


From the scientists at PowerUp l PowerDown:  “Noopept is one of the most effective and strongest of all the nootropic supplements on the market today. Studies have shown it has the potential to offer many benefits in terms of improving memory, learning capacity, focus, and concentration.”


In a nutshell, Noopept is a type of nootropic specifically designed to increase brainpower.  Instead of a quick energy hit, noopept improves overall brain function, working to increase energy, focus, alertness, motivation, and competency.  It also helps to decrease fatigue.  We are proud to offer noopept in our PowerUp supplement.  Read on to discover if PowerUp might give you the edge you need over your opponents.


Improve Accuracy


Many times, the deciding factor in a game comes down to accuracy.  A body shot is effective; a head shot will offer up more points.  As games improve in quality and grow in complexity, pin-point accuracy is often required to take the win.  Noopept makes it easier to hit your target, especially when it requires split-second timing.  It can improve your visual perception and you can identify the target more quickly.  Noopept can also increase key neurotransmitters responsible for alertness, focus and attention span.  It can be easier to maintain focus during intense gaming.


Improve Skills Faster


There’s a reason video games are called eSports.  Just like any other sport, they are difficult, require great skill and take lots of practice to improve and be successful.  All serious gamers practice for hours.  The great thing about Noopept is that it has been consistently shown to increase learning rates.  Because they improve synaptic reactions, the time to learn new information is reduced.  Use your time as efficiently as possible by decreasing the time it takes to learn a skill!


Extend Playing Time


The typical burnout time for a gamer is around 4-5 hours.  You know the symptoms:  sore eyes, blurry vision, foggy memory and overall decreased performance.  If you’re competing, this is the moment when you worry about letting down your team or giving up your advantage if you’re solo.  The awesome thing about PowerUp is that nootropic ingredient L-Theanine has been shown to reduce stress and exhaustion.  You can delay BOTH mental and physical fatigue with the nootropic combos offered in PowerUp.  Play longer without sacrificing performance.  Also, because they are not stimulants, you won’t get the jittery feeling and resulting crash you typically feel with energy shots and gels.


If you’re serious about gaming, and are looking to improve your performance, grab a pack of PowerUp and feel the difference for yourself.  And to maximize your downtime, pair it with a pack of PowerDownto allow your brain time to rest before its next big session!  Click HERE to order yours today!

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Holly Godfrey
Holly Godfrey

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