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Nootropics--Feeling the Effects

by Carol Maser December 09, 2016

Nootropics--Feeling the Effects

Does The BEST NOOTROPIC Always Give An Effect? In our last two blogs, we shared that absorption is the only way for the supplemental ingredients you take to make any difference to your health. Since supplements that fall into the nootropic category are our specialty, here is a question for you to ponder…

If the ingredients from your nootropic supplement are all absorbed and work as intended, should you feel or experience an immediate effect? Do you need to feel something to believe it is working for your nootropic supplement to be labeled as a best nootropic ?

To answer that, let’s first answer – “What is a nootropic?” A nootropic belongs to a class of cognitive enhancing supplemental ingredients that improve concentration and boost memory. Nootropic supplements are often used to increase attention spans, help individuals focus and as studying aids.

And, by doing a more thorough search on ingredients that fall into the nootropic category, you would find that specific ingredients are being studied outside of the U.S. to determine if they can also be used to promote short- and long-term brain health.

So after reading that, since nootropic ingredients will always positively affect your brain, for a nootropic supplement to be labeled as a best nootropic , must some immediate effect be felt to show it is working?

Our answer to that is NO!

Why no you ask. Everyone’s health is at a different level and the experience of things we consume are not all the same. The better questions after taking a nootropic supplement are these…

Was the next few hours experienced with more attention, focus, and clarity than usual?

Was I able to maintain an unmatchable determination on the task at hand?

Was it easier to reconnect back to my work when distracted?

Nootropic ingredients that have been proven through clinical studies or over centuries of use for safety and efficacy will work as intended. Again, the first goal is to get the ingredients absorbed. If you are assured they are absorbed because they are in the format that science has shown works best for how our bodily systems work, whether you feel any effect of not, that nootropic can be regarded and labeled as a BEST NOOTROPIC !

To your best health NOW!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. CAUTION: Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, under 16 or with alcohol. If you are taking medication and/or have a medical condition, consult your physician before use.

Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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