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Roadmap to Nootropics--Part 2: Why Take a Nootropic?

by Carol Maser October 14, 2016

Roadmap to Nootropics--Part 2:  Why Take a Nootropic?

Let's start this segment on nootropics with a fun bit of trivia… Do you know that your brain will reach full maturity at age 25 and starts to slow by 1% per year after that (according to a 2014 article on by Sabrina Bachai)?

Will knowing that fact make you do something different? Possibly. . . depending on what is happening to you or happening to people around you, especially people in your family line.

One question I hear pretty often is why should anyone take a product with nootropic ingredients anyway? For most people, forgetting where they put their car keys or forgetting the name of the person they just met is just a normal part of life. To that, I scream NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

After watching a couple of recent movies and TV shows (Limitless and Lucy), you would like to believe there is a way to access and harness more of your brainpower; a way to tickle your grey matter into having better perception, attention, and memory, with increased flexibility, communication skills, and visual and spatial processing.

Heck, just a leg up over the person in the next cubicle that is fighting for the same promotion would be awesome!

Yet, your most vital asset, the thing that will hopefully be sharp and on point, even when your body is running a little slow, usually doesn’t get fed properly like the other muscles in your body. Just as you hopefully exercise your muscles and then fuel them for next time, you have to do that with your brain as well. Your brain never rests. Your brain demands 20% of your energy output when you are resting. How are you feeding your most vital asset?

Although your brain is ranked as the most important organ, when your body is short of the fuel needed to keep your essential organs functioning, your brain is not on the top of the list. Without fueling your brain properly and consistently, that wrinkly hunk of grey matter starts to resemble more of a salt covered slug. Neural pathways can slow down or die which in turn stifles the communication it needs to fuel your attention, memory, reasoning, and overall vitality.

That is what a nootropic ingredient is all about, fuel for your brain. And, it is essential to ensure those ingredients you take are being used effectively.

Combining those ingredients is what a best nootropic product does. It gives you the vitamins and nutrients in one supplement that helps your brain communicate effectively and efficiently. And because the brain never shuts down, how often you feed it is just as important as what you feed it.

How often you should feed your most valuable asset is really answered by how healthy do you want your brain to be just before you say your last goodbye? If the answer is perfectly, then feeding it essential vitamins and nutrients daily is a great start.  Ready to learn more about nootropics?  Stay tuned for Part 3 of our series:  The Best Nootropic Ingredients.


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Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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