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Roadmap to Nootropics--Part 4: Absorption

by Carol Maser October 28, 2016

Roadmap to Nootropics--Part 4:  Absorption

What we eat and the supplements we take are essential to our short- and long-term health. The benefits we receive from either of those actions, though, depends on whether the essential vitamins and nutrients from what we eat or what we take are ABSORBED .

Therefore, absorption is the key to our health! Stated another way, you are only as healthy as your body is able to absorb the vitamins and nutrients you supply. It is clear that as we age everything slows down. It doesn’t matter that we know that. It only matters if we do something about that. Supplements can only help to the level they are absorbed.

So, if you are taking a nootropic product and the ingredients are not being absorbed, it simply is not the best nootropic product you can use. There are two essentials that must be in place for the ingredients from your nootropic product to be absorbed.

  1. They must be completely broken down into a liquid, and
  2. They must be able to cross through a cell’s membrane and into the cell so they can travel where needed.

When looking at supplemental products, there are ways to speed up both absorption essentials. Let’s talk about the first one.

If your nootropic product is a tablet, capsule, or chewable, then the body must go through the process of breaking it from something big into smaller and smaller pieces and eventually made into a liquid. Only from a liquid can the ingredients pass through cell membranes and into your bloodstream.

If your nootropic product starts out as a liquid, you have a much better chance of ensuring each ingredient will find its way to where it is needed. That leads us to the second essential:  an isotonic solution.  Continue with Part 5 of the Nootropic Roadmap to learn more!



Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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