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The Best Nootropic Format

by Carol Maser December 02, 2016

The Best Nootropic Format

In our last blog we shared that nootropics and other supplements are most effective if taken in a form that makes the ingredients readily available to the body. The body can then accept the ingredients with minimal processing and absorption by the cells will begin immediately. This ensures that what you consider as the best nootropic will actually be the best.

In this blog, we will look more closely at the different supplement formats (i.e., tablet, capsule, liquid, etc.) and explain, through science, why some are better than others. We are not making the claim that any format is bad, we’re just showing that some supplement formats are better.

There are a number of things to consider when looking for the best type of any supplement you take, not just a nootropic. The format of the supplement will determine both the availability of the ingredients to the body and the ease of absorption. For any format, there is a process the supplement must go through for the body to process the ingredients.

For instance, we know that the body must completely dissolve any functional ingredient into a liquid before any best nootropic ingredient can be absorbed. Studies have proven that supplemental ingredients are most readily available to the body if taken as (listed by ease of absorption):

  1. Isotonic solution – liquid with same solute concentration as your cells for immediate absorption (Solutes are particles that are dissolved in a solvent and together they form a solution. Solutes are ions like sodium and potassium)
  2. Liquid blend – it could either be hypotonic (higher solute concentration inside the cell so water rushes into the cells causing them to swell and may burst) or hypertonic (lower solute concentration inside the cell so water rushes out of the cells where they lose the ability to function or divide)
  3. Liquid suspension – vitamin and nutrient solids that do not dissolve in the liquid phase and must be suspended by shaking before taking are considered suspensions
  4. Chewable
  5. Capsule
  6. Compressed tablet (regardless of shape)
  7. Coated tablet

So, the top three formats where the ingredients are the most available to be absorbed are liquids (a spray would also be considered as part of those top three). Since not all ingredients are water-soluble, though, it takes innovative all-in-one packaging to keep those types of essential vitamins and nutrients separate from the liquid until the point of use.

You might be thinking. . . “What does this have to do with anything? I take what I consider to be the best nootropic as a capsule and I feel like it works for me. I don’t care what format it comes in.” We would agree that if you’re happy with the effectiveness of your supplement, then don’t fix what you don’t believe needs fixing.

However, if you’re thinking. . . “I take tablets and capsules, I THINK they work . . . AND YET, if there is something available that will ensure the ingredients I am taking are all being used by my body effectively, I want to hear more!” then you’re in the right place!

Our intent is to let you know there are options – proven, innovative options that accelerate the efficiency of how the body works to absorb the vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain or improve health. Science has clearly proven that a pure unprocessed powder added to and mixed with a blended and fortified isotonic solution just before consumption will always be a better match for how your body absorbs ingredients than a tablet or capsule you swallow whole.

We’re not saying tablets and capsules are bad, we’re just going by what science has proven and says is BEST! After all, with the goal of using supplements to improve your quality of life and potentially reduce health care costs, using supplements that give every ingredient the greatest opportunity to work means money well spent.

To Your Best Health NOW –

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Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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