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Want the best supplement for brain health? Check the ingredients!

by Carol Maser July 11, 2017

Want the best supplement for brain health? Check the ingredients!

When it comes to brain-enhancement supplements—also known as nootropics--it’s the ingredients that determine effectiveness. If you’re new to these brainpower-boosting products, or have tried a few and they haven’t worked out for you, the experts at PowerUp PowerDown are here to help with surefire tips to finding the right nootropic supplement for your needs.  Here’s what you should look for:

  • Check the branding and origin of the ingredients. First, look to see if the product uses branded, or trademarked, ingredients. Branded ingredients are backed by scientific testing that ensure that they are consistent in quality, efficacy, and purity. Non-branded ingredients are available off-the-shelf, have not been tested for consistency, and are substantially cheaper and easier to obtain. If the ingredients in the supplement are not branded, check to see if they are provided by a reputable global supplier. This information is readily available with a quick internet search. Global suppliers purchase their ingredients from the same grower using the same plants each year, so there is more opportunity for consistency in the ingredients than with a small supplier.
  • Check the stack. A nootropic stack is a combination of two or more ingredients that have beneficial effects on memory, learning, focus, and/or motivation. Combining these ingredients creates a synergistic effect that provides a greater increase in function than any one ingredient by itself. A quality nootropic stack combines more than just the caffeine-and-vitamin “quick hits” that make up most energy drinks and shots. Because nootropics work to improve the synaptic activity of the brain, they should offer both short-term and long-term brain health benefits. Be sure and research the efficiency of the supplements combined in the stack of your nootropics.
  • Determine the origin. Synthetic ingredients are often assumed to be less effective than all-natural ingredients. However, some of the most effective nootropic ingredients are synthetic. Vinpocetine (a semi-synthetic) and Noopept (a complete synthetic) are two ingredients that have been proven to improve synaptic reception in the brain. In contrast, vitamins are rarely as effective in their synthetic form. Synthetic vitamins are harder for the body to process, slowing down the ability for the supplement to transport from the digestive system to the neurological system.
  • Check the absorption method.If your nootropic product isn’t being absorbed into your cells, it simply can’t give you the results promised. There are two essentials for absorption: it must be in liquid form, and it must be able to cross through the cell membrane so the cell can transport the nootropic to where it will be used. If your supplement comes in a tablet, capsule, or chewable form the body must break it down into a liquid—which takes time and can dilute the effectiveness. If your nootropic starts out in liquid form the contents have a better chance of maintaining maximum potency when they arrive at their destination.

The biomedical engineers at Amerigo Labs have spent years researching the PowerUp Power Down ingredients, developing the stack, and creating the perfect storage and ingestion method with their patented cap. Recently, they gave us a sneak peek inside their facility and explained their passion for the product with equally passionate users. 


Don’t take chances with your brain health, go with the best nootropic and order PowerUp PowerDown today!

Carol Maser
Carol Maser

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