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Safe ingredients.  Synergistic effectiveness.  Innovative packaging.

We are dedicated to using ingredients of the highest quality, purity and efficacy.  Our products are  all-natural, with no artificial additives or flavorings.  We only use proven ingredients that have demonstrated effectiveness through clinical studies and use the same dosage that was given during the clinical study that demonstrated the best result.  We also attempt to create a synergistic effect when we link our ingredients so that you receive the benefits of several products in one.

Our innovative packaging can hold any supplemental ingredient, which allows PowerUP to both feed and fuel your brain.   Our all-in-one bottle stores the product in a compartment under the cap. This ensures ingredient purity and efficacy with no degradation. 

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PowerDOWN – 5 pack $19.00
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PowerDOWN – 5 pack
PowerUP – 5 pack $19.00
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PowerUP – 5 pack
PowerDOWN – 20 pack $65.00
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PowerDOWN – 20 pack
PowerUP – 20 pack $65.00
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PowerUP – 20 pack

PowerPack (20 day supply of PowerUP and PowerDOWN) $120.00
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PowerPack (20 day supply of PowerUP and PowerDOWN)
PremierePack Full Month's Supply $165.00
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PremierePack Full Month's Supply
PowerUP & PowerDOWN - 5 Day Sample Pack $35.00
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PowerUP & PowerDOWN - 5 Day Sample Pack
10 Day Sample Pack $48.75 $65.00
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10 Day Sample Pack

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