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PowerUp user
"PowerUP helps me to be effective and productive at work and it gives me more endurance and power during my workouts."


PowerDown user

"I take PowerDown when I’m ready to start unwinding from a hectic day.  It takes the edge off my anxiety and lets me  enjoy a relaxing evening with my family and friends."


On our delivery system

"I’m a big believer in taking supplements but tablets and capsules upset my stomach and I always wondered if I was getting maximum effectiveness for what I was paying for.  With the new “twist & shake” bottle I mix the powders and liquid when I’m ready.  It’s fun and convenient and the ingredients go to work as soon as I take it."


PowerUp user

"At first I thought PowerUp would be just another “energy” drink that would give me a big rush.  I was wrong.  It gives me a subtle kick throughout my work day, not just for a couple hours that results in “crashing”."


PowerDown user

"When I take PowerDown I have a greater sense of well-being, a more positive outlook and I’m sleeping much better.  It also curbs my appetite so I eat less when I take it daily.


PowerUP user

"With PowerUP I feel more invigorated, my sense of awareness is sharper and it helps me think more clearly.  The most beneficial effect is my ability to focus on the task at hand."

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